Exploring a creativity from different sources gives me the flexibility to be involved in a variety of projects also provide to a client a dynamic and innovative work results.

Victor Alejandro


A Mind


Made in Brazil

Delivered to the World

I am Victor Alejandro, an energetic and skillful Brazilian artist who comes to boost the industry with creativity and uniquiness. Aside from my highly distinctive sense of humour and a Masters of motivation and persistence, I hold a Bachelor of Visual Communication (Advertising Major) from FAESA University, Brazil and a Diploma of Multimedia Design from Central College, Sydney, Australia.

Skills Job title: Just an artist (Art Director/Graphic Designer/ Web Designer/Web Developer/ Illustrator/ Animator/ Photographer/ Film Director/ Screenwriter/ Storyteller/ Comedian/ Music Lover/ Salsa Dancer and Human being).

GoalsLaunch my own fashion label, write and film my biography and before lunchtime Take over the world.

A Moment


A Story


A Brand


A Message


Victor Alejandro


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